Simple steps on how to write a tentative thesis

The thesis can be best drafted before you begin your preliminary research. To do so it is important that you adhere to the following first steps:

  • Review class notes
  • Review your class text
  • Review the prompt
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Narrow down your topic

Once this is done you will have the angle required to keep your note-taking on point. When you take notes for your paper, it is important to label them intelligently. This will aid you later when it comes time to write the paper. Whether you are using full pages for note-taking or you are using cards, you should take notes in such a manner that you can use them later. Save yourself a great deal of time and effort later by getting in the habit early of recording all relevant bibliographic information in a master list right from the start. As soon as you begin looking at a source, write down the information in the bibliography. If you make copies of a page from your library, make sure to write the journal information on the front so that you do not end up with a random article page with no source information. It would be a huge waste of time to have to backtrack until you found the original publication. Doing this will help you fill in the details when you write your paper later.

If you are still having trouble thinking of a tentative thesis for your next paper, take some time to review the list below and see if you can find a topic that seems challenging or visit Dissertation Team for a guided thesis writing help:

  • What is the line between pranks and bullying?
  • Should it be permissible to spy on friendly governments?
  • Is privacy more or less important than national security?
  • What measures can be taken to prevent wealthier individuals from getting off easy when they break the law?
  • Consider Kanye West and his many assaults on individuals and why he has not yet faced actual time in jail.
  • Compare him to a black male of his same age who is not rich enough to offer a financial settlement to the victim and what punishment would be faced.
  • Can video games be considered art?
  • Have all technological advances and social media made us feel lonelier than before?
  • Is technology more of a distraction than it is worth?