Tips for Writing a Proposal on Master’s Thesis

A request will act as an announcement of your intentions for your project in a Master’s degree. It will also help you become more informed and fluent on the topic of your project. Writing it in seven or eight pages will do the trick. Here is what your proposal should include: 


  • It makes the reader aware of the topic broadly 
  • It also states how you arrived at the subject and what interests led you there 
  • It entails a summary of the context and vitality of the project
  • It bolsters the claims of the reader in the project 

Research question or a statement of the problem 

  • It puts the problem or question into its contexts or frame through each that this will address 
  • The problem is simply that issue that comes out of the literature, practice, or theory that calls for further study to get done. 
  • It aims to answer with clarity the reason why the research should get conducted

The literature review 

  • It tailors the project to the areas Of scrutiny and the specific questions In the field of research. 
  • It also places this study in the conversation of a given field. In that case, it identifies who will be reading a project. 
  • It also explains the project’s projection in terms of its extensiveness, revision, or complication of what people already know. 
  • If you’re writing a proposal, ensure that the literature review section is brief, and ensure that you cite The most relevant and appropriate sources to assist in establishing your work and what has already gotten done on the same subject. 

The statement of purpose 

  • It should have an account that begins with the following words: the aim or intention of this study is.
  • It aims to provide a vivid and clear project synopsis 
  • It also defines and identifies the main concepts of the research 
  • The statement of purpose tends to determine the method used in the study 

Overviews of the chapters 

This section includes all the titles that indicate the questions you plan to get their answers to and why the site you have chosen to use is the most appropriate one to answer your question. 

Limitations explanations 

  • It aims to find out what your project is not addressing and why it is not doing so. 
  • It also touches on some of your approach’s weaknesses that you may have to add to the topic. 

The statement of the vitality of the project 

Here, it entails the specifics of what the project will illuminate or contribute to the entire discussion field. It also aims to show how the project will use to address the gaps or questions present in the scholarship that you may have shed light on in the literature review section. It also seeks to answer the question of why it is imperative to do just that. 

Timeline and work plan 

Ensure that you plan your time to complete research, how you intend to carry the investigation, the methods you will use, the complications you’ll find along the way, and how you will reach your findings. 


The bibliography houses all the sources that you externally used in your paper. It also adds as a point of reference to anybody who will be willing to look up the same publications to use in future research or read more to expand their knowledge on the same topic.