10 Plagiarism-Free Dissertation Topics in Psychology

The field of psychology is quite broad. As a result the possible topics on which to write are endless. If you are writing on cognitive psychology or behavioral psychology or you are perhaps specializing in abnormal psychology you can narrow down your topic potentials easily by reviewing the course text books and material to see if anything stands out. See if you find a topic that is exciting and that you want to learn more about.

If you are looking for great topics consider the topics below:

  • – What psychological effects do abstinence programs have on students? Does telling a student that they cannot do something at all make them want to do it more?
  • – What are the psychological effects of prolonged wars? Do places like Africa become desensitized to war because it takes place so often?
  • – Should there be a committee to determine how psychologically damaging modern advertisements and media are? And should this committee be allowed to stop something from reaching the general public? How would such standards be created?
  • – Should the victims of airplane accidents be given compensation? Or is a public apology adequate? Review different cases where a committee came in after a massive genocide or atrocity and what methods they used to compensate victim families.
  • – Should it is made illegal to use animals for entertainment? Does it lead children to harm animals for fun or in any other way change the psychological outlook toward children?
  • – What types of therapies have proven most effective when it comes to treating abnormal psychological conditions such as antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder?
  • – Is depression all in your head? It seems that almost all treatments focus on just trying to make yourself happier by engaging in positive activities or talking about your problems? If this is the case then why do so many people make the conscious choice to be unhappy?
  • – What is the best way to treat eating disorders?
  • – Should people who test positive as a psychopath be removed from society even if they have not yet committed a crime?
  • – What is the best way to treat Schizophrenia?

Review these and then take some time to brainstorm possible options for your particular paper. Be sure to double check the requirements for your paper to ensure that the topic you pick fits within the parameters.