A List Of Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics On The Middle East

Each time students are asked to write any type of academic paper, especially a dissertation, making a choice of topic to write on seems to be one of the hardest tasks of composing such paper. This is especially because the topic or title of your paper needs to be very unique. This is the first thing that would draw the attention of your target readers towards your paper. Secondly, your choice of topic should be based on what interests you and if you have several of them, it would be difficult to decide on a particular one.

You have been asked to write a dissertation on the Middle East but time is going by rapidly and you are yet to come up with a unique topic for your paper. If this seems like your predicament, here are some up-to-date topics you should consider. They are as follows:

  • A look at the reason behind the breach of peace in the Middle East
  • The rule of democracy – Understanding why the Middle East is resistant to it
  • A critical analysis of the security situation in the Middle East
  • Understanding why authoritarian rule has continued to blossom in the Middle East
  • The role of social media in creating awareness of the authoritarian regimes in the Middle East
    Arab nationalism – A look at its rise
  • Understanding the chances of young oppositionists shaping the future of politics in the Middle East
  • The Middle East politics – Understanding what impact culture has on it
  • The onslaught of ISIS – What are the best measures to keep them in check?
  • New Middle East regimes and Islamist movements – How they can successfully cope
  • A look at the role of media on the Middle East politics
  • A comparative analysis of the cultural beliefs of the Middle East versus the US
  • The Middle East conflicts – Analyzing some of the best conflict resolutions
  • The clash of civilization – The Middle East as a case study
  • The Middle East crisis – Should stricter measures be taken?

The moment you decide on a particular topic for your dissertation on the Middle East, it means you have successfully scaled one of the most difficult aspects of writing your academic paper. In order for your topic to be approved, it is important that you gather enough solid evidence that would rightly back up your ideas and points as far as your paper is concerned. You can also order custom dissertation writing online and get your dissertation written fast and at low price.