15 Good PhD Thesis Topics in Microfinance and Related Areas

Writing a PhD thesis seems to be quite a long and difficult task for many students in the beginning. They don’t know how to start, or even what topic to choose. The good news is there are a lot of interesting topics in microfinance for your PhD dissertation. All you have to do is just choose the one for you.

Possible Topics for the PhD Thesis

  1. Impact of microfinance on child labor.
  2. The Rapid development of international microfinance.
  3. How important it is access to credit and other financial services to growth and investment?
  4. Micro financing part in national savings.
  5. Does microfinance provide only an illusion for poverty reduction?
  6. Empowering women through microfinance.
  7. A study based on the effects of interest rate on share price.
  8. Micro financing in improving of national economy.
  9. Effects of microfinance in developing agricultural countries.
  10. Determinants of capital structure in a certain industry.
  11. Micro financing compared to the interest based banking sector.
  12. A study between microfinance banks, microfinance institutions, and rural support programs.
  13. A study on relationship between economic growth and stock market development.
  14. Measuring social acceptance of microfinance institutions.
  15. The awareness of microfinance in developing economies and its impact.

The Importance of Microfinance

For each and every student who writes the thesis in microfinance it’s important to understand its role in the today’s world. Microfinance is often described as assistance to those who have low income and have no access to the formal banks. It all started with giving small loans to people of Bangladesh, that’s why it has the word “micro”. Small loans form the main difference from formal banks that tend to give big sums of money to people who are already rich.
Now economists all over the world argue about the impact of microfinance. Some of them doubt that it actually helps poor people and reduces poverty. They say that the interest rates are often way too high and that some borrowers take more money than they can pay in the future. Still, nowadays almost 160 million people work with micro financing institutions.
As you can see, there are a lot of interesting and debatable things about microfinance and everything that is connected to it. But you should be really careful while choosing the topic of your future dissertation because you need to be sure that you can find all the necessary and correct information. Check WriteMyPaper123 to find more information.