Membership Incentives




The following retailers are offering                                                      10% discounts on seeds, plants, and                                              garden supplies to MUG Members.

Please support our sponsors!


Weber’s Greenhouses. 2 locations on the north and west side have most things garden-related your heart desires:  plants, seeds, fertilizers, and garden equipment. Weber’s supports our MUG Bucks and Young Farmers Programs.

Plantland on the south side near the airport. A fabulous array of heirlooms and natives along with a wide variety of standard favorite vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals.

Samara Garden and Home on the northwest side has an enormous variety of beautiful and quirky garden trellises, arbors, planters, ornaments and design ideas. Also an antique shop and consignment store, a fun and fascinating place to visit.

Full list of upcoming event discounts and other membership incentives coming soon!