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2013 Infrastructure Grants

Groundwork Milwaukee was able to raise funds to create our 2013 Community Garden Infrastructure Grant program, through Groundwork’s program, Milwaukee Urban Gardens. MUG anticipates making grants up to $300 to community gardens to construct improvements in the garden. Applications were to MUG by 5:00 on May 29. Note: we have $2,000 to give away, so anticipate that we will be able to make 7-12 grants, depending on the number of applications and how much is asked for. Click on the links below for the application and details.

Infrastructure Fund Information Background information including eligible gardens, eligible activities, and key dates

Infrastructure Fund Application This is the application form you must submit. Applications must be received in the MUG office by 5:00 Wednesday, May 29.

Map of First Priority Neighborhoods This map shows the neighborhoods that are first priority for infrastructure grants. Areas outside these boundaries are still eligible and can apply.

Rain Barrel Application Gardens can apply for a limited supply of rain barrels donated by MMSD to MUG. These requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis.